Marine Clothing and Apparel and Winter Camping

Marine Clothing and Apparel and Winter Camping

Most people see winter as a season to retreat into your home, get comfy on the couch and indulge in endless hours of popcorn, hot chocolate and Netflix. Winter is the season of cold, snow, dearth of sunlight and trials of body and spirit. That is, it is much easier to lock yourself in the house sipping hot toddies by the fireplace than to venture out in that heartless weather.

But that is not you. You are a select few who tend to reject the norm and actually look forward to spending some of the winter outdoors. You seek the cold stillness and silence of the wintertime outdoors. You engage in winter camping, enjoying the pristine and peaceful nature ready to be explored.

You know that venturing out in the cold weather for an extended period of time cannot be taken lightly. Winter camping requires serious planning and an investment in the right gear. Sgt. Mark’s Depot Store, your source for Marine clothing and apparel, offers winter camping essentials.

Super-Warm Sleeping Bag

At the end of the day, you will want a sleeping bag that will keep you toasty warm in the freezing temperatures of winter. It is worth the effort it takes to buy a sleeping bag with a temperature rating at or below the temperatures you expect on your camping trip.

You also want a sleeping bag with enough room to stash your extra clothes, water bottles and other items that will surely freeze if left in the open.

A Puffy Coat

Well, it doesn’t have to be a puffy coat, but you certainly need a coat that will keep you warm when you aren’t in your sleeping bag or moving around. The key is to buy a coat big enough to fit you even when you have four layers underneath.

Big Backpack

You might think your summer backpack is just fine until you discover you can only fit half of your winter gear in it. You are packing a lot more gear for winter camping so it makes sense to invest in a big backpack.

Sleeping Pad

Your sleeping pad serves as a buffer between you and the frozen ground. And while your sleeping bag is important when winter camping, the pad is as important too.

Stove and Fuel

You will want to invest in a cooking stove that will stand up to the harsh winter elements. All-in-one canister stoves are easy to use and will bring water to a boil very quickly.


The days are very short in the winter and you may find yourself still snowshoeing back to camp when it is dark. A headlamp is a must when camping in the winter and you need one that is bright and durable.

GPS, App or Map

Finding the right route can be challenging in the winter because snow covers everything and changes the appearance of the landscape. While things look very familiar in the summer, it looks completely different in the winter. Which is why you will want GPS, an app or a map to help you get around.

Sgt. Mark’s Depot Store carries blankets, jackets, backpacks and other gear you need for your winter camping trip. Order now.