Marine Corps Clothing and Survival Myths

Marine Corps Clothing and Survival Myths

It seems as though everybody these days in an expert on survival. But if you have gathered your information from sketchy places, your faux-expertise could land you in hot water or even get you killed. The majority of erroneous survival myths aren't necessarily malicious, they are just misinformation. Still, what you think you know but is really wrong can hurt you.

In an emergency situation, you must fend for yourself to survive. There are a lot of rules that explain how best to survive in such an emergency. The problem is that not all of them are true or effective. Sgt. Mark’s Depot Store, your source for Marine Corps clothing, hats and other products, offers survival myths that could cause serious problems.

You Can Live Off of the Land

There are far too many people who think that in the event of a catastrophe, they will simply live off of the land. If you have tried to do this in the past, you know that it just isn’t possible to do for any length of time. It is extremely difficult to live off of the land and you need a serious set of skills to do so.

Even the first European settlers would have been doomed had they not brought provisions or had the help of the local Native Americans.

You Can Eat Anything Animals Eat

Despite our shared biology, there are tremendous differences between humans and animals. There are animals that live off of plants that we can eat, but these very same animals also live off of plants that would make us seriously ill.

Don’t even try to eat what birds eat, you will regret it. Birds are able to eat a variety of berries, some of which could potentially kill us. Even the squirrel running around in your yard stealing the bird food will eat mushrooms that are toxic to humans.

Just Suck Out the Venom

You do more harm than good by applying a suction device to a snake bite. The last thing you want to do is attempt the Hollywood cut-and-suck method. The reality of the situation is to get to the hospital as fast as you can when bitten by a poisonous snake.

You Can Outrun a Bear

No, you can’t. If a black bear is charging you, it could be a bluff charge. Making yourself look big and making noise might deter the attack.

Grizzly bears attack because they feel threatened and may back off if you play dead. But don’t act out your death scene too long.
Just Rub Two Sticks Together to Get Fire

Indeed, friction is one way to create a flame. But rubbing two sticks together requires patience, practice and luck. It might look easy on television shows, but nearly impossible in wet conditions and difficult at best in perfect conditions.

If You Get Lost, Built a Shelter

A lean-to is a nice shelter, but there are other priorities. A shelter will protect you from the wind, sun and rain, but not from the ground. The cold ground will quite literally suck the heat right out of you. So your first priority in a survival scenario is to build a layer between you and the ground.

Unless, of course, you have a warm and sturdy Marine blanket from Sgt. Mark’s Depot Store. Order yours today.